Saturday, 17 March 2012

Social Life @ VIT

Social life in VIT is entirely different from social life at home. Many parents prefer to send their children to hostel so that they are away from homely pleasure and learn to live and grow on their own. VIT provides the most ideal atmosphere for study. The students get more time and suitable atmosphere to do their studies, to get help or guidance for anything from their class-fellows and moreover, from seniors who are living close by. Even a careless or negligent student starts working hard when he sees his roommate or neighbour competing for position. Thus VIT inspires a lesson of mutual co-operation and the spirit of healthy competition.

The greatest blessing for students away from home is the independence. No-body is there in VIT to question them whether they go to bed late at night or get up late in the mornings. Everyone is a master of his own, in spite of strict rules and regulations of the college. Those who love freedom like college life very much. Even during vacations, such students do not wish to visit their homes. Further there is no elder to check the activities. The student does not have to live as other members of the family live and he is required to adjust on so many occasions. He is to keep in mind the convenience of others and may have to study in spite of presence of guests at home.

In VIT, a student may learn many good qualities after coming into contact with many other students from different cultures, states and walk of life. A student can get inspiration from other mates in college who daily go for morning classes or exercises. A single student can set good examples for other students in a VIT. The characteristics of a good college life are love, co-operation and sympathy for fellow – friends. All round development of the personality is possible by living for few years in VIT . The students are always in touch with people of their own age and who have varied aptitudes, tastes and knowledge. Friends can be selected based on your own choice and liking.
In VIT, students learn a lot from the mutual discussions. Whether it is the political scene of the country or the criticism of a latest picture seen by them or about their favourite heroine or her or about a cricket match or favourite sportspersons, every discussion becomes lively and a source of unlimited information and knowledge. Then there are holidays, special events like college fests (Gravitas and Riviera) and indoor or outdoor matches which make college life a thing of envy for others living in homes. Further whenever any student falls ill, all other students take good care of him and provide him all type of help. They try to guide him for the missed periods of study in the classroom.

Sometimes, freedom of VIT leads many students astray. They find the atmosphere entirely new and free. They start following some spoilt children of the rich class and start asking for more and more money from their parents. They make it a routine to go to cinemas and waste time in only enjoyment and merry-making. Even some students start smoking, gambling or even go to the extent of drinking. They do not care for the hard earned money sent by their parents. However, such students have to repent in later part of their lives for not learning anything in spite of the best opportunities.
Overall social life in VIT is full of joys and fun provided that the students make the best out of it because they may not get this opportunity twice.


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