Thursday, 1 March 2012


Time for enjoyment and having loads of fun!! From busy schedule of classes with lead on lids every evening, time comes for us to have rest and enjoy the fest days full of activities...Being in VIT we have 2 college fests-Techfest….GRAVITAS…..Culturalfest….RIVIERA…...Though the regular festivals are a bit low in intensity but are enjoyed and celebrated in a different way, with friends..


Our techfest ..full of activities. There are several competitions related to technology….Robofight , Robodust ,etc,etc. There are many workshops related to art and craft, advanced technology, most important----ROBOTICS----attended by most of the curious first years….Certificate in any of them is like a noble prize for some. For old ones it is the food at the stalls, though it’s a shattered dream when come to know about its price.

Cultural fest….full of entertainment. Its proud to have 2 different fests. Starting each day with games like ..Lakshya..etc etc, ending with Pro shows. Though whole of it is an enjoyment but pro shows are its extremes!!! Singers like Sunidhi chauhan, shreya Ghoshal ,Diler Mehendi touching good notes, on one side, with foreign band like…Suidakra…and DJs rocking the show ,on other side, its really mind boggling show….Again the eyes are stuck on food at stalls, set up in Wood stock.


Regular ones-HOLI

Many, especially from nearby states, go to there home leaving the ones for whom its unaffordable to bunck the regular classes..Though if you are keen to play holi and you are in VIT its army ground arranged to play holi not only with colours but also with water and mud!! Then comes the tedious job of removing the colors, especially when you are looking like a clown…..but  we miss special food of home at time of fest …..GUJIYA…SAMOSA…CHIPS…NAMAKPARE….SWEETS. Rest of the day goes in a deep slumber.


Festival for New Year, celebrated in south. Pals from nearby regions go back to home and for most of us its holiday to have a good sleep or plan for an excursion.


Time when most of us leave for home. It’s a good one week break before Term End starts a month after holidays are over. By chance due to any reason, if you are left in VIT , you will be like a ghost living in a hostel with none to talk to you…One has to arrange for the best means to entertain him with. It’s a huge load of bordem which further make you inefficient. So its better to go home and better to drop the idea of staying back and studying…On expense of some money spent on journey, one gets the return in form of great refreshment. This is the only way to make this fest of lights a real one!!

Its these fests and holidays we get, which really rejuvenates and keep us going through our hardships...



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