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I think those who are related to engineering field must have heard about VIT UNIVERSITY somewhere but those who actually does not belong to VIT UNIVERSITY knows a very little about the life of a VIT student… today I will give you a brief description of the academic life of a VIT student…….

Like most of the engineering colleges, VIT UNIVERSITY too follows semester pattern……..each year consists of two semesters, the odd semester which feels really long and the even semester which gets over before you know it……..

The academic life at VIT is a full of joy and sorrow you can say, each semester consists of 3 QUIZZES, a lot of ASSIGNMENTS which the student just prefer to copy from their friends at the last moment, 2 CATS (so called internal exams of VIT stands for “CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT TESTS”) and the last but not the least the TEE (so called “TERM END EXAMINATIONS”)…..i used to think that these two i.e. CAT and TEE are the most hated words around the campus among most of the students but my misconception got changed when I met some of the peoples who says that “I LOVE CAT”……..but for most of us CAT and TEE means waking up and realise that its time to put your feet on the accelerator and start:

(1)Getting things Xeroxed (and use some of your dad’s bucks to good effect!!!)….

(2)To run to library and visit its corners which you haven’t seen before….

(3)Forget about your boyfriend or girlfriend….

(4)Dust out the books (if you do have any)….

(5)Having night tea (which is the best part of exams)….

Now you are thinking that its more than enough for a student to cope up with as far academics is concerned………but wait there are some more twists in the tail which are an integral part of the academic life of a VIT student…..To start with let me talk about one of the important part of the academic life of a VITian i.e.” THE ATTENDENCE” They are very strict about that, atleast 75% or else bye bye, yes you won’t be allowed to give the examination and the whole semester goes in vain….and you end up with arrears and all…..

Apart from this another important part of a VITian academic life is FFCS (so called “FULLY FLEXIBLE CREDIT SYSTEM”) which is just one more headache for the students……This system gives the students freedom to decide their faculties and to schedule their complete time table according to their own wish……so in order to have good faculties, an easily paced time table and for having classes with their friends  students do a plenty of planning….but at the end of the day the whole thing depends upon your  luck….. if you are lucky enough to get an earlier date for FFCS then its good…..but if you are not lucky enough the whole of the planning just mean nothing….and you end up with whatever is left at your turn… some worst cases you even won’t be able to get the subjects that you want……

Even though the life of a VITian seems to be a bit difficult but still VIT provides enough opportunities to push in with big ideas through and come up with flying colours in our life…..VIT provide the much required technical exposure by conducting many workshops and conferences through out the year for the students and also gives interested students a chance to have a hands on research experience with the faculties which are very supportive and encourage us to do well……and if you have idea you can do it on your own as well……

At last I just want to make a point that if u wanna enjoy you can, you wanna study hard and come out big you can do this too. What my experience as a VITian till now says that how you make the best balance of both (“study and enjoyment”) makes you the perfect VITian…….

                                                                                                      VINAY KUMAR RAI


  1. hard reality of vit...........we can feel it as a vit.........ffcs is gud for some people but for others it is bad.......

  2. vinay babu, naya blog????? excellent work.....

  3. agree wid every line of dis still enjoying in vit!!

  4. can someone please tell me about the semester schedule ? btech cse first year !

    1. please visit:

    2. bharat bhaiya....can u give me ur contact no...?..or else u can mail me on my id

    3. You can contact by mailing me your questions on I will try my best to satisfy you.

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