Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Food @ VIT

Food is a satisfaction and not only our need. Talking about VIT, the place is a gourmet’s delight. At VIT there are canteens, food spots and food park, this places bring u the wonders of taste, something that u will ever cherish.

Near l-block is FOOD MALL .This specializes in Indian food .here you get from south Indian dosa to, maharastrian pav  bhaji and bengali  misti doi  to paneer curries from north. Supplementing this effort is FOOD PARK of  j-block . These places fill mostly during night tine for dinner.

 Then comes GDN CANTEEN, managed by darling group. This is student’s favourite adda. There is rush and hub-bub throughout the day. This has south Indian culinary. The best thing about here is the deliciously innovative variations of traditional recipes. Like chilly-idly made using flavoured sauces and traditional idly.

Foodies also have their appetites for outside food and they are not disappointed. PANJABI DHABA opposite to CMC main gate is most famous outer food spot not only for its coolness and great ambience but mainly for the rich taste you feel in your mouth each time you take a bite. Wow! Writing this makes me hungry. Punjabi dishes are a top, here.

We have a small china in Vellore , courtesy CHINA TOWN . Wonderfully, there each day the food theme changes. Like some day, they will have food famous in one province of, and next day some other. These surprises make things more existing. What is best is fact that all staff is Chinese immigrants. Chinese cooks present their native recipes    in gorgeous taste and texture. Each time you eat there, it’s a WOW CHINA.

These are not only places but our ‘food memories’ .good food is auxiliary, it makes you happy and here at VIT we are luxuriously happy.

                                                                                                        -ROHIT ANAND


  1. Where is this China Town in Vellore...??

    1. if u r talking about china valley, its just opposite to vit campus. its beside valley junction n also near to kolkata rolls.
      for food- the momos-boiled/fried, noodles n a dish of chilly potato (not remembering the name) are well known.