Thursday, 8 March 2012

Campus @ VIT

The VIT campus is spread over a vast area of 346 acres. The best feature to discuss about the campus of VIT is its cleanliness and greenery. VIT is by far the most beautiful campus I ever came across. The maintenance staffs here are highly dedicated towards their job.

 Even there is a lake in the campus which is also quite fascinating. The lake is basically the storage area for the sewage treatment plant which is situated besides the lake. It stinks a lot !!! It is the cause of diseases for many of the students.

 There are many trees in Woodstock which is also a very soothing sight……. The main railway line between Chennai and Bangalore passes through the campus which adds to the scenic beauty. 

Personally, I think that the Library and Technology Tower are the best designed buildings in the campus. The Technology Tower has been designed by one of our faculty which defines the excellence of our professors. The hostels are also state-of-the-art buildings and are equipped with various facilities for the students.

The academics buildings are also highly equipped with all the modern day facilities with smart class-rooms…… 

- SHUBRANSH SRIVASTAVA                

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